Parent & Toddler

Promoting Healthy Exercise through play!

Our new Parent & Toddler programme lead by our new experienced crew member Deborah will bring fun, games, storytelling, dance, gym and much more. All of our activites are designed to aid in your childs development while having fun.  
Join us on Tuesday-Fridays mornings from 10:00am to 12:30pm.

> Tuesday & Thursday - Messy Play
> Wednesday & Friday - Arts & Crafts
**bubbles, sensory play, song and dance every day!**

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  • What Time? - Parent & Toddler starts at 10:00am and goes until 12:30pm Tuesday-Friday during term time excluding Bank Holidays.
  • How Much? - Entry is €7.50 per child, children 0- 12 months are FREE,
  • Free admission for 1 Adult per child, You will get a voucher for 1 Free regular tea or coffee with paid entries.
  • What Happens? - All the activities are arranged by our new Parent & Toddler crew member, with a new fun filled and exciting programme put together for all the toddlers.

Cognitive Development

Our play equipment, which is comprised, of three levels is the perfect place for children wishing to develop their cognitive abilities. By presenting children with the problem of seeking to find a way to the top of the equipment in order to experience the thrill of the slide and offering them ample opportunities to make independent decision in the process you can rest assured that your child’s current cognitive abilities are being challenged!  

Linguistic Development

During our parent and toddler mornings we present children with opportunities to use their senses, particularly touch through our Play Doh time, here children are given opportunities to begin to discover new textures while also beginning to comprehend new words such as firm, smooth and bumpy. This aids in devolping their
vocabulary and increasing their communication.

Social and Emotional Development 

Social and emotional development can often be something that is overlooked when children are very young but it is crucial not only at a young age but in later life. We here at Celbridge Playzone truly value social and emotional development of not only children but adults too which is why we seek to ensure that your children are presented with the opportunities they need in order to enhance their social and emotional development. By coming to Playzone you can provide you children with the opportunities they need to develop both socially and emotionally by allowing them to be in complete control of their actions and experience.

Creative Development 

Our parent and toddler mornings provide the perfect opportunities for your little ones to get creative. With our arts and craft activities we encourage children to begin to try new experiences, use different materials, everything from glitter to crayons in order to encourage their creative thinking and abilities. We here at Playzone focus on the process of arts and crafts as we recognize it is the process, which encourages creativity rather than the finished product.


Celbridge Playzone
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